Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paca DLites gets a face lift!

Well, for about three years now, we have been needing to replace the decking around our pool. The wood was rotted and the cement was cracking. We found out that our neighbor's son-in-law did construction. So, we had him down to take a look at the damage. He placed a bid and began working immediately. Wow! What a job! First, he had to remove all of the fencing from around the pool. Then, he brought in a jack hammer to break through all of the concrete and ripped out the decking by hand. After three days of work, we now have a cleared area for our new deck! The stones will find a new home under our tree for a little patio area of sorts. We'll get to that after everything else is done. The diving board is laying up against the fence and the handrails are on the porch. We're getting really excited now! John will begin leveling out the ground to be able to install the 2 x 6 base boards.

There is still a huge tree trunk to be removed. We've tried numerous things to try and get it out, but with no luck. This came from a huge pine tree that died last summer. We lost the pine tree and two photenia plants last summer. Not sure what happened to them, but they died all at the same time.

If any of you are interested in getting some handy work done, John Kenney does great work! His number is 903-776-2365. Give him a call!

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