Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heartworm Negative!

Well, we took our two dogs to the vet yesterday. Both of them are Heartworm negative! Yipee! That is always a concern when you get dogs from the shelter. Tysin has an ear infection and "kennel cough", so he's being treated with antibiotics. We have been so happy with how they are working out with our animals AND our family! They are great dogs. Another happy ending to a story. So, if you are considering getting another dog, cat, horse, donkey, or other animal, be sure to check out your local shelter or rescue group. You'll literally be saving a life!


  1. Cyndi,
    Thanks for letting Christopher and I visit you and your beautiful alpacas. Their fur is so soft and fluffy and their personalities are sweet, especially considering they were a little spooked by the new Pyrs. It's good to hear the dogs are working out so far. We may get back out again - this time with a camera!

  2. Thanks for posting, Phyllis! Let us know when you are ready for another visit. We'd be more than happy to accommodate.