Monday, January 12, 2015

Collin County Junior Livestock Show

Okay, this post is going to be a bragging post on my youngest two kids!  There.  I got it out.  Now you know.  The Collin County Junior Livestock Show is a BIG show for FFA students.  We had a huge number of students from the three Plano high schools do well again at this year's show!

Hailey, again, showed both her poultry and 2 heifer projects.  Here she is with Alex Wilson, the owner of the two heifers Hailey is showing this year.  This is a picture of London.  She has been quite a handful to halter train this year, but she has turned out to be quite a beautiful Brangus!

Here Hailey is with her 2nd year project, Malibu.  Malibu, also a Brangus, is due in April sometime with her first calf.  She will be shown for a final time at the San Antonio Rodeo and Stock Show.  After that, she returns to the pasture to be a breeding mama.

Here was a surprise!  Hailey was on the front page of the Murphy Monitor on January 15th!  Congratulations to her for getting Reserve Breed Champion with Malibu!  I love this picture of her.  I need to see if I can get the Murphy Monitor to give me a copy of this picture.  Hailey's poultry didn't fair so well at the show.  More on that in another post.

Here Harrison is with his rabbit pen.  He did great and made 7th place overall, getting him a place in the Premium Auction on Saturday.  Here is a little plug for the Plano East FFA group (notice his jacket?).  This has been such an awesome experience for my kids.  Hailey was so shy before starting in her FFA career.  She hadn't found a place where she "fit in".  Karen Buechman, her FFA advisor at Plano East, commented on how shy Hailey was.  We've watched her blossom and grow in confidence and leadership, through the years.  Hailey has served as an officer at Plano East (she is president this year) and at the district level (Vice President) for FFA.  This year, she even made the top 4 in her small animal management proficiency at the National FFA Convention!  FFA has taught her so much!  FFA has been quite an encouragement for Harrison, too.  I can't wait to see where it takes him on his journey of learning!

Overall, Plano ISD had 29 students make the Premium Auction from the Collin County Junior Livestock Show.  That's amazing!  Congratulations to all of the students on a job well done!