Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Delicious vegetables get a new home

What a day! After spending the morning taking my dad to his doctor's appointment, I came home to spend some time singing with my friends. Jennifer Stewart, Norie Hicks, and myself have all felt the "calling" to minister to the elderly with our singing. So, the trio has begun selecting and working on songs to sing for our next ministry opportunity. My parents are already getting us setup to sing at their retirement home soon. God will provide other opportunities.

After singing with my friends, I got to work in the kitchen. My daughter and I began by canning all of our garden tomatoes. Mmm mmm... I can't wait to use those jars of goodness! Next, we set out to make a scrumptious zucchini bread with our garden zucchinis. We used a recipe provided to me by my friend, Astrid Thomson. The house smelled wonderful while the bread was baking. It filled all the rooms with a cinnamon, allspice, fresh bread smell. I could hardly stand the wait for it to come out of the oven! Voila! One hour later and we have two loaves of zucchini bread. They are a tad bit dry, so I'll have to jockey with the recipe a little for next time. There are plenty more zucchini ready to be harvested from the garden in a day or two. Now, what in the world can I make with the yellow squash and all of the jalapeno peppers I've got?


  1. I know, jalapeno squash bread! My favorite! Good for you for all you've accomplished in your garden! Way to be all self sufficient and stuff!

  2. Ok, I now feel TOTALLY inadequate...lol...too impressive! I may have to attempt to grow something without killing it someday!