Tuesday, June 2, 2009

To shear or not to shear...that is the question.

Dogs that is! :o) Well, as posted previously, our alpacas received a shearing back in late March. They are still enjoying their cool haircuts out in the pastures and the relief it brings from the heat of summer. The grass has emerged thanks to all of the rain we have been receiving and the alpacas are enjoying the sweet taste.

Our recently acquired Maremma livestock guardian dogs also received a new haircut. This was NOT done by a professional, but by my dear hubby, Tim. As you can see, he needs to work on his skills. :o) We didn't mind, though, and neither did Tyson and Jane, the dogs. They were so hot with their long coats and were thrilled to feel the relief of it coming off of their backs! They immediately began romping in the pasture, playing as if they were new pups again. I want to mention the fact that before we got these two dogs, we heard a pack of coyotes every night roaming through the neighborhood. They had been over at the house behind us and across the street at Southfork Ranch. It was getting a little too close for comfort. However, since Tyson and Jane have come to live with us, we have heard NO COYOTES at all. Our neighbors are even thanking us! Tyson still likes to bark way too much, but he's getting better. Time will fix that, I'm sure. Oh, by the way, Nathan, our other dog, and Jane are getting along much better, too. So, we're just one big happy family now. Thanks for your prayers!!!

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