Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fiber beauties!

Our little "gang" of friends get together every Thursday to work on our knit projects. Sometimes we card fiber, spin, crochet, knit, felt, whatever. The important part is that we are holding each other accountable to completing our projects AND that we have time to socialize with our friends. I like the latter part the best! Tee hee!

Here is my nutty friend, Anna, with her latest hat. This is how large the hats are BEFORE we felt them. We think she should leave it this size. What do you think?

My friend, Marie, is trying to sell her tri-loom. While it sits over here at my house (anyone interested?), my daughter decided to give it a test run. She has created two of these beautiful shawls on the loom. She sewed them together to make a larger, woven shawl. It is SOLD! Her choir teacher has already purchased it!

Donna has been working on her state fair project...knitting two sides to an afghan at the same time. There is a lot of yarn being "thrown" around here. She continues to amaze us with her talents.

Iris has been working on baby blankets for the Medical City of Dallas. She is a little shy about having here picture taken.

Here is my latest hat creation. Our latest craze is to add fun fur around the brim.

Joyce Jackson is shown here with her hat creation. Isn't that a beautiful green color?

Here are all of the hats we've been making. Can you tell we are on a roll?

Anna brought two bags FULL of seeds from the flowers in her garden for each of us to share. Thank you, Anna!

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