Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shearing day a SUCCESS!

I would like to send a great, big THANK YOU to each and every one of you! Wow! What an absolutely AMAZING set of friends we have! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! for showing up to help us out with shearing. We can't tell you how much easier it was this year compared to last year. Many hands do make light the work. Our alpacas are all shorn and more prepared to handle the heat of summer and I've got a craft room full of fiber to begin processing!

And now, since pictures are like a thousand words... Enjoy!

Baskets were setup to collect all of the leg, belly, and top knot fiber. This fiber is too course to be used in garments or other items close to the skin. This will either be turned into rug yarn or will be used to stuff pillows, etc.

The table is set and we are ready to go!

The "victims" unknowingly await for their turn on the mats. Do you see the "deer in the headlight" look? Uh huh...

Oh no! You can't make me go! I won't do it!

Well, since you put it that way... I'm a sucker for a chin scratch.

Anna was my FANTASTIC "bag lady". She pulled all of the blankets off onto a plastic sheet and rolled it like a burrito.

Peggy used to be a vet tech. She loves animals and LOVES to clip toenails... I know! Go figure! Thank you, Peggy!

Proof I was there... I was... REALLY!

Oh that luscious fiber! Jammer STILL has it! Ooo la la!

Another thanks goes out to Tim and his son, Michael. You would have thought these two grew up around alpacas. They were AWESOME! Thanks, guys!

An on-looker. "Boy am I glad they only trim my wings!"

"What are you looking at????"

The bag lady in action. I love you, bag lady!!!

Just for cuteness. Isn't she the cutest???

I can't begin to thank the Sutter family. They showed up, for the very first time EVER, and pitched in to help. They cleaned the alpacas before bringing them to the mats. What a HUGE help. Thank you!!!

Feels like butter! Really! :o)

More butter. Thank you, Ruth, for your help, too! What a great friend!

Dee and Mark were fantastic helpers, too. They pitched in on a variety of jobs. Dee is an alpaca LOVER!

Hailey became our chef for the day, making approximately 96 hotdogs. You go girl! We were really, really hungry.

After all of their fiber comes off, they really want a good hosing. It just feels sooooo good!

"Get me in my face, on my back, belly, rump, I don't care! Just GET ME!"


"While all of y'all were busy with the alpacas, just LOOK what I found!!!"

Thank you to everyone who helped...
Brian and Dawn
Gordon and Ruth
Tim and Michael
The entire Sutter family
Mark and Anna
Mark and Dee

I hope I didn't miss anyone!

Thank you to each of you for giving up your Saturday to help us out. You are simply amazing and we are humbled by your friendships. May God bless you for your blessing to us!

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