Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow day

Wow, did it ever snow last night! School was canceled and the kids got to stay home and play.

We got over 7 inches of snow! Amazing for Texas!

Tree branches broke all over and many people completely lost their trees, due the weight of the snow completely uprooting their large trees and knocking them over.

We bundled up the horses in winter coats. Since they were toasty warm under their coats, they stayed out in the pasture the entire day. They had a choice. They could have stayed in, but they chose to stay out.

The alpacas didn't seem to mind much. They just hung out under the eaves of the barn, chewing their cud.

Funny isn't it? When it's just really cold, all I want to do is stay in by a nice warm fire with a nice, hot cup of hot chocolate or my favorite, cappuccino. Mmm..mmm... However, when the cold includes some snow, everyone in the house it out in it! The kids were constantly bringing in pairs of gloves, hats and scarves that were wet and cold, then picking up a new set of each. The dryer got a workout today! Snow like this is really fun for awhile, but I am so very thankful we don't get snows like those up north. The aftermath brings so much mud and gunk that I prefer not to have it very often. The path to the barn is not so good right now. Add another thing to my list to fix once the warmer weather gets here! I'm thinking either crushed rock, road base, or some paving stones. Hmm... the crushed rock sounds like the easiest. I'm all for easy!

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