Friday, February 5, 2010

New chicks have arrived!

Wow! Has it been that long since I’ve blogged? Wow! So much has happened! On February 4th, we received another 25 chicks. We received 8 Welsummers, 8 Americaunas, and 9 Cuckoo Murans from Ideal Poultry. They have had an extended stay in my daughter’s room, and then had a VERY short stay in my youngest son’s room. They stink so bad, that we had to move them out to the breezeway. So, if you come by my house at night, you’ll see the red heat lamps on through the breezeway windows! :o)

We are getting approximately two dozen eggs per day again. The hens are starting up early! Usually, they don’t get back in full swing until daylight savings time hits. Bonus!


  1. I am NOT showing my kids these pictures...if I do the requests for chicks won't stop :). LOVE the pics!

  2. Ha ha! They are cute, aren't they? When you get 25 of them all in a crate snuggled up together to nap, they are down right irresistible!