Sunday, December 20, 2009

What a year!

Well, we finally got our hay for the winter...150 bales. We're set! The kids were a big help getting the hay unloaded and into the barn. Here's a little picture taken BEFORE the work began. See how happy they are here? The picture was quite different when we were done. :o)

We began getting carrots from our garden. Here is a picture of the kids holding one of the carrots. They aren't the biggest, but they sure are tasty! What a treat getting these from our own garden! I've got arugula, green leaf, spinach, parsley, onions, and carrots growing this winter. We hosted a luncheon for the Mendenhall Elementary staff on Friday. I was able to make a very, very large salad with the greens, carrots, and onions from my garden. What a treat!

Today we hosted a gathering of people from Chase Oaks Church to package 120 gifts for the residents of the Collinwood Nursing Home in Plano. After the packaging was complete, we made a trip to the pasture for everyone to see the two babies that were born last month. Both are doing well and are the attention of the visitors! It was an absolutely gorgeous day for packing / farm visiting! We are very blessed indeed!

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  1. I love reading what going on with you guys! Sounds like some good times for all!