Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chicken Coop OVERHAUL!

What a day! It was so pretty today, I knew it had to be spent outdoors. I convinced my dear husband to help me move the nesting boxes around. I wanted to place most of the nesting boxes out underneath the eves of the barn and move another smaller set into the adjacent coop. Then, I would take all of the roosts and put them in the one stall together. I think it's going to make cleaning out the coop a lot easier. Time will tell.

The first two pictures are shots of the existing structure in the barn. We had all of the nesting boxes and the large roost in one stall. The area underneath the eves had some lumber leaning against the side of the barn. We moved those out and hung some of the remaining siding.

Then, we removed all of the nesting boxes from the walls. They got a good cleaning while they were down! We sized up the situation and agreed the four sized nest box would go inside the adjacent stall. The other twelve boxes would go outside. We added some boards to the fronts to keep the litter in the boxes. After getting all of the nesting boxes moved and in place, we moved one of the roosts over into the stall with the larger roost.

Here's a picture of the stall with all of the roosts.

After finishing that, I decided to move the feeders outside, as well. The chickens just prefer being outside most of the day anyhow. So, out they went. We also have a hay feeder that the chickens enjoy laying in, too. So, it got put out under the eves, as well.
Here's a picture off all of the chickens up against the wall wondering what in the world we were doing!

I think it turned out pretty nice! I'm excited to see how this works out. Funny isn't it? Most women like moving their furniture around inside their house (I like doing that too). However, I sure get a kick out of making my outdoor area more productive, too!

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