Friday, July 10, 2009

HOT days of summer

It's been well over 100 degrees the past few days. It felt like 106 degrees with the heat index yesterday. The alpacas are staying indoors until the evening. We keep misters and fans on them during the day to keep the stalls cool. When we let them out, they get a hosing down on their bellies before they head out to play for the evening. Khunu, as well as the others, just LOVE to roll in the sand after the hosing. It looks so wonderful on his WHITE fleece, doesn't it? We don't worry about the looks of the fleece during this weather. All of that will wash out later. For now, we are all just trying to stay in out of the heat. We'll come out and do some more playing when the sun starts to go down and the temperatures are slightly cooler. Enjoy your day!

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