Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fiber Day at the farm

Thursdays are fiber days at our place. The crowd was small today, but the work was productive! We missed all of our friends that didn't make it!

Donna completed an absolutely gorgeous lap blanket for the VA Hospital. She is entering it beforehand into the State Fair of Texas. So, today she began working on another blanket. This blanket has a large star in the center. You can see the outline of it in the picture. She is amazing!

Rebecca joined us for the first time today. Yeah, Rebecca! Rebecca is new to knitting, but hasn't let that slow her down one bit. She is making six inch squares out of some scrumptious yarns to later put together for a friend who is having a baby. This is going to be one gorgeous baby blanket! You go girl!

Iris makes the most AMAZING scarves! She worked on two today that were beautiful! I believe she was using a Turkish knitting technique. I'm not really sure how she does it, but it is truly an amazing work of art.

This is a picture of a shawl that I was taught how to make last Thursday by Faye. She wasn't here today to witness this. I had so much fun making it! We started at 9:30 am and worked until about 3:00 pm (minus our lunch break). I was so close that I picked it up again this evening. I just had to see it completed!

Here is my beautiful daughter, Hailey, modeling the newly finished shawl. I used a cotton blend on this shawl to get the hang of it. Now, I think I'm going to go get some of Tania's fiber that I handspun into yarn and make one out of it. Don't you think this would look pretty in solid black? Or, maybe I should use Nisha's yarn, which is a dark grey color. Hmmm... decisions, decisions. What do you think?

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  1. I'd really like to get over there some Thursday. Don't give up on me!