Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Early Christmas with alpaca yarn!

Oh happy day!  Spinderella returned my alpaca's fleece that was sent late last year.  They are super, SUPER busy, so I was thrilled to get this back.

Isn't this beautiful?  This alpaca yarn is wrapped around a 4 ply cotton core which makes it extra sturdy!  Sells for $1 per yard.  I've gotta get weaving this baby up into a rug! 

Another yummy rug yarn with some blue "twist".  Yep!  I'm gonna love working with these new rug yarns!

The possibilities are endless!

And get a load of this beautiful and soft grey alpaca yarn.  Oh yeah!  That's what I'm talking 'bout!

It seriously is just like Christmas when you get a box full of this stuff!  This fawn might even get a little dip in a dye bath.  What about a forest green or a dark, midnight blue?  Oh yeah!  Of course, I'll leave some in the original, natural fawn, too!

Oh!  I must admit!  I am really partial to the white yarn, too.  I love the clean, crisp look of a white hat, scarf or shawl and mittens.  It looks so rich and beautiful. 
What would you make with each of these?  I'm heading to the pattern book right now to figure out what each one wants to be made into!  Excitement is building!!!!

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