Friday, October 7, 2011

New animals abound...

I am sooooooo enjoying this fall weather! I head out anywhere between 6am and 8am to do my chores...when it's still just a tad bit chilly. I love it!
The alpacas have finally come out of their stalls to enjoy the new, cooler weather. They've been spending the majority of their days inside the stalls under misters and fans.
The chickens have finally come outside, too. They are enjoying their "dirt baths" in the pastures and have been sunning their feathers. See, even the chickens enjoy the sunshine!
Our cria from early summer is growing by leaps and bounds. She's begun eating grain and has even been known to push the larger "moms" away from their feed bowls. Soon, she will need to be weaned off of her mama's milk.
Our cria aren't the only ones growing up around here! I had to put a shameless mama picture in here of my youngest son. He's seven years old now. I can't believe how fast time goes.
Our oldest son is in Senior High going to homecoming, our daughter is in High School getting ready for her first fall dance, and our youngest is getting THIS BIG! I don't want to even begin to talk about my age. I still feel so young, though! How in the world is it possible for me to have children this old??? Pinch me before it's all over and I've missed it all. Take loads and loads of time to spend with your kiddos. Before you know it, you'll be an empty nester. I know I can hear an AMEN to that!
Upon heading through the pasture, we stumbled upon this particular weed. It's just an ordinary weed of MANY in our pasture. You can tell all of the grass is gone. The drought this summer has left us with nothing except for some sturdy weeds that seem to grow without any nourishment whatsoever. Amazing, huh? Anyway, there was something peculiar about this weed. Upon further investigation, we determined why. Do you notice anything? Look closely...
There is an entire nest of baby bunnies here. We found five baby bunnies nestled closely under the weed bush. What a great place for the mama to hide her young! Last year, you may remember, a mama rabbit laid her young inside one of our hay feeders. NOT a good idea. I believe only three made it out of ten in that one. All five of these bunnies have survived and have finally left the nest. We see them hopping through the pasture some evenings when we go out to do our chores. They are soooooooo cute!
I also want to mention we have had TWO baby opossums in our pasture lately, too. What are the odds? Everything is coming up for food and water! Don't worry! No animals (opossums) were harmed in the catching of these animals. All animals have participated in a relocation program... relocated out of our pasture! :o)

I haven't been the best at posting things lately, but will need to post again this coming Monday. We have a surprise coming? Wanna know what it is? Check back in on Monday to find out how the saga continues... (hint: Hailey is taking on something new) Don't you hate cliffhangers????? Smile....

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