Monday, October 10, 2011

It's here!

Well, after a long trip from California (can you believe that???), this little guy was tired and worn out. He was "chosen" at the Waco fair by Hailey's Ag teacher for her to use for her FFA project. We picked him up at the Plano Ag barn this afternoon after school. He's sunburned and scratched up. It must have been a rough weekend!
This little guy wasn't so sure he wanted out of the truck. He squeeled and squeeled and squeeled! Man, are they LOUD!
Hailey made sure everything was set in his new home...a horse stall. See the shavings? Believe it or not, that is like his kitty litter box! Tee hee! It's supposed to cut down on the amount of shavings we'll go through.
Hailey uses some gentle persuasion to get her new little guy into his stall. He wants to make a run for it!
Ok, honestly, we were expecting this adorable little "Wilbur" pig. This guy... well, he's so ugly he's cute.
You can see the scratches on his side from the other pigs. Hmmm... kind of like a cat fight? Kitty litter box? I'm sensing a theme here...
Our new little "Wilbur" settled in pretty quickly and even ate some feed out of Hailey's hand. He's got a nice 10 x10 stall, with shavings, food on demand, and water. He sure likes snorting at Tysin, our LGD (livestock guardian dog), too. They really checked each other out through the hog wire. So, now you know what the surprise was. Betcha didn't think of that one, did ya? Ha ha! And the adventure begins...


  1. Mercy! All the way from California?? Can't even imagine that! Did you put some aloe vera on him. I feel bad for him and his sunburn. Poor thing. What fun for Hailey!

  2. I wish we could! This little guy doesn't trust us one bit. We're trying to gain his trust so we can put something on his sunburned back. He ate some grain out of her hand and then RAN! He's sooooo cute!