Monday, August 16, 2010

More spin-off entries!

I arrived home today to find two buckets of postal mail sitting on my front porch. Wow! We've got a lot of last minute entries for the State of Texas Alpaca Rancher Spin-off Competition! I haven't opened them all up yet, but I'm thinking we might have another 20 or so entries here! This is great news for our organization.

Any income (after expenses are paid, of course) received from shows like this enable our organization to partially fund educational courses for our members. This is a win, win situation. A lot of the breeders cannot afford really expensive classes, but if our organization can fund a portion of the fees for speakers or some of the other expenses for seminars, the costs are greatly reduced for our members. It's just exciting to see it all coming together. Anyway, I just thought some of you might want to know where I spend my time. Lots and lots of time for the business is spent on the computer doing things just like this. I wrote the software the judges use to judge events like these. Part of the work is getting everyone's information into the software and then separating out the fleece from the identifying information. We can't let the judges know whose fleece they are looking at or who it belongs to. We want an unbiased judging. So, there's a bunch of up front work that has to be done before sending the entries off to the judges. It's all in a days work... but fun, nonetheless!

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