Friday, June 4, 2010

The Joys of friendship

I have to tell you, Thursdays are one of my favorite days. When our little group of fiber enthusiasts get together, we have a ball! We had nine women over yesterday, all working on different projects.

Iris makes the most beautiful scarves. She is always working on at least two! Today, she finished up a beautiful red scarf that everyone was oohing and ahhing over.

My mom made it for the first time, too. Yeah, mom! She is beginning to crochet a shawl that she found a pattern for in a magazine. She hasn't crocheted in awhile, so this was a great place to get started at! Anna is advanced in crochet, so she was a big help.

Edee continues to work on the most awesome lace weight yarn. She is so fun to watch as she spins different rovings up into yarn. She is an advanced spinner! She is also the comic relief to the group. She's a real hoot!

Faye joined us again. We've sure missed her! Look at this beautiful shawl she is currently working on. It is a basket weave technique for knitting. She is creating "fingers" at the bottom of each end of the shawl that she will later knit together to make it sort of like a poncho. Gorgeous!

Shitomi, Yoriko, and Tatsuko all returned with their first spinning projects on the drop spindles. We were AMAZED to see what they had done! These women are spinning like they have had three or more years worth of experience! Their yarn was consistent, thin, and just plain incredible!

Shitomi and Yoriko plied their yarns today.

Shitomi shows off her two skeins of yarn that she plied! Fantastic! Way to go, Shitomi!

How did I miss a picture of Anna? Anna crocheted today, as well. (Did I mention she makes beautiful shawls and is advanced in crochet?) Well, she also is a gardener! Look at these gorgeous flowers she brought to me! Oooh la la! I get to smell and look at these Hydrangeas each morning when I enter my kitchen. Delightful!

God continues to bless me over and over again with the most wonderful friends. What a joy friendship brings! May each of you be blessed with the love of Christ today and every day!

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  1. I recognized the yarn & shawl Faye's working on. I took it to show & tell and several ladies fell in love. It IS a beautiful shawl. You ROCK, Faye. Glad to see the group's still going strong.