Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh how sweet it is!

Ooo wee! We've been busy around the ranch lately! The chicken stalls have been stripped down and loaded up with fresh shavings.

The chickens have been hard at work, laying approximately three dozen eggs per day.

They are spending most of the afternoon under the eaves of the barn, near the water. It's hot!

Our garden is doing really well. The lettuce is all but gone. I picked a gallon sized bag worth of lettuce this morning.

The tomato plants are beginning to get fruit on them. Yipee! I can't wait to taste the juicy yellow and red tomatoes off of the vine.

As you can see from the picture, the cucumber plants and butternut squash plants are growing quite well, too.

We've got green and purple bell peppers, sugar babies (watermelon), artichokes, carrots, strawberries, and lots and lots of peppers (jalapeno, habanero, etc.). Mmmm... mmmm...

While most of us are spending time outside in the sunshine, most of the alpacas are spending their time inside the barn. It's pretty darn hot for animals wearing coats. Even though the alpacas have been shorn, it still gets hot. Most of our alpacas are spending their time in front of the fans. The babies are even sharing their stall with some chickens, which seem to think that the alpaca stall is cooler than the chicken coop!

The horses don't seem to mind the heat at all and continue to spend the day outside grazing on the pasture grass and hay in the feeders.

Yesterday, we spent the day at my sister-in-laws farm. We had tons of fun hanging out, playing kickball, fishing, playing washers, and just catching up.

Two of my hubbies sisters were in from out of town, so there was lots of catching up to do! And look what we brought home with us! We got lots of pecans from my sister-in-laws trees. Oooh are those gonna taste good!

Tonight, we've got friends coming over for a barbeque and swim party. Isn't it just so sweet that we live in a free country?

I want to take the time to thank each of my family members and everyone else who has ever served in the armed forces, fighting to protect our country. May God bless each and every one of you immensely! For those of you still serving, I will continue to pray for your protection and safety. God bless you!

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