Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh my, has the temperature changed! We're back to heavy sweaters and coats. The alpacas are loving it! Our horses are running, kicking and feeling all frisky! And...we collected 24 chicken eggs last night! Wow! Those little ladies are really producing right now.

We tested our three alpaca females, Cotton, Dolly, and Nisha with our male, Jammer this morning (we call it "spitting off"). They all appear to still be pregnant and should be due next November. I love birthing season! Genoux, on the other hand, is still open (not bred). She was bred to YoYo this morning.

Life is good...


  1. HI Cyndi! Soooooo, does Jammer do the spitting off or the ladies? I have pictures from last fall at the ranch. would you like them? I could email.....I love YoYo's fleece I got from you. I haven't gotten to the others yet! Have a great day on the farm!

  2. Yes! I would LOVE to have the pictures! Would you email them to me?

    I'm glad you like YoYo's fleece. I'm finishing up some of Tania's fleece right now. I can't wait to move on to another color!

    Thanks for posting!

  3. Oh boy! We'll all have to set our calendars for BabyTime next November... What a great reason to be Thankful!
    See ya,