Monday, April 15, 2013

New faces

Well, we received five phone calls in just two weeks asking for help to find new homes for some Great Pyranees.  We had been talking about getting another dog to keep our dog, Tysin, company, so we decided to begin with these rescues.  The first one didn't work out.  She wanted to eat the chickens.  Been there and done that!  However, the second one seemed to be a perfect match!  Phoebe has won her way into our hearts and has become a good friend to Tysin.  She's also turned out to be a great guardian watch dog for the alpacas!

 Shortly after that, one of my daughter's friends, let us know her cat had kittens that were ready to be weaned and wanted to know whether we needed any barn cats.  Sure!  So, we added three kittens to our mix!

Okay, I'm almost embarrassed to even show this terrible picture.  You simply can't take good pictures with red heat lamps on!  Anyway, you get the idea!  We added over 30 chicks to our flock, too!  More eggs on the way!

 I simply had to post updated pictures of the baby alpacas (cria) here on the ranch, too.  Do you remember the baby that came to us last November, along with three mama alpacas, from Rockwall?  Here is an updated picture of this little cutie!

And do you remember the cria that was born in the trailer on the way here from Rockwall?  We call him "Baby", but his chosen name by his owners became "Lord Valor".  He has won his way into our hearts.  He was the bottle fed baby and is simply the sweetest little guy, ever!

Last but not least, here is the little cria born on Thanksgiving, when we were on our family vacation.  My friend, Cindy, was taking care of our animals that week.  She was super surprised to find this little one in the pasture on a very, VERY cold morning!  She's growing up fast!

Well, that's it.  I just wanted to keep everyone updated on the latest animals on the ranch.  Enjoy!

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