Monday, November 5, 2012

Herd health days...

Today was a busy, busy day!  Today the alpacas got their "spa" treatments, complete with toenail trimming and fecal collections.  Doesn't that sound exciting!?!
We began after church, around 1pm, with the alpacas located at our ranch.  We currently own 12 alpacas.  We are also caring for an additional 5 alpacas, which we picked up yesterday.  Tim and I knocked those out pretty quickly.  We then moved over to another neighboring farm and completed another approximately 15 animals, with the help of our friends, Ted and Cindy.  Many hands make light the work!  Isn't that true?

In between ranches, the owners of the alpacas being boarded here, came by to see their alpacas.  This is the first time in almost four years they have seen their animals!  Bless their hearts, the ranch who boarded them prior to us never allowed them to see their animals.  So, they were super excited to have a reunion with their babies!
Here is Monica holding the newest addition to her herd, born on Thursday.  It was a very sweet reunion.  Smiles abound everywhere.

Mike enjoyed a moment getting to bottle feed the cria (baby) while one of his daughters (who to this point had never seen any of their animals), got to hold and snuggle with the little guy.

These are the sites that make this "job" so awesome...  This is what it is supposed to be like.  Alpacas are the most calming, sweet animals on this planet!  Their humming sounds, while communicating, will make even the most challenging of days melt away.

Are you experiencing struggles or stress in your life from health, work, or anything else?  Consider alpacas!  These quiet little creatures will win you over with their sweet faces and calming personalities.  While you're at it, sit down and enjoy the sunshine while being surrounded by chickens and alpacas quietly grazing in the pasture.  Enjoy the sounds of the roosters crowing and guineas honking.  Do you feel it?  Do you hear it?  The country life awaits you.

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