Friday, September 7, 2012

Whew!  I'm on a roll!  I have 10 batches of alpaca thirds (fleece) that has needed to be washed before being sent off to the mill to have rug yarn made.

At three loads (average) per batch, that's approximately 30 loads of laundry to do!  My fleece washing machine is in my breezeway, which can be an issue when trying to get hot water brought out.  In the past, I've loaded and loaded and loaded bucket after bucket of hot water from the sink in the kitchen and hand carried it outside, splashing water all over the floor along the way.  Not this time! (Music please....)

 I disconnected the hose from the "inside" washing machine and attached a good, old fashioned, garden hose.  You know where I'm going with this, don't you?

 Yep, here is a look at my laundry room, with the attached hose coming out from behind the "inside" washing machine.

I then had to run the line out my kitchen door and through the screen door to the breezeway, "outdoor" washing machine.  I had to cut off the water at the "inside" washing machine and take the hose back into the washroom after every load.  It isn't the greatest of ideas, but HEY!  It beats carrying all of those buckets of hot water out of the kitchen!  I am hoping that the increased mosquito activity in the house last night will convince my husband to run me a hot water line to the breezeway.  :oP

I even utilized my tumbler in the breezeway, as a holding place for fleece.  I'm telling you what!  I can utilize even the smallest of areas to hold my "stuff".

Ok, here is confession time.  This is what I have LEFT to complete. 

 These are all of the fleeces that are first and second cuts.  I still need to skirt about half of them and tumble, then wash the remaining.

May I just say, "I can't wait for cooler temps!".  These last couple of days, working in a stagnant breezeway, shooting boiling hot water with steam coming up in my face, has not been the most pleasant of experiences.  It's my own fault, though, for waiting so long to get this done (my alpacas have been shorn since the beginning of April).  So, here is to accountability and for drop dead dates!  The Lone STAR Fiber Expo (coming up in early November) has gotten me back to business!  Anyone want to join me?

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