Thursday, May 26, 2011

Precious delivery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Are you reading this picture?

We had bred Charlene to Mt. Everest last year, along with Cotton and Lucy. Cotton had a beautiful male cria that only lived for seven days. We thought that Lucy and Charlene had either miscarried or never got pregnant. Charlene never did spit off before Everest had to return home.

About five days ago, I started thinking I was seeing "activity" on Charlene. Then, three days ago, I swore I saw a leg pushing out of Charlene's side. After feeling her belly, we felt movement and just knew she was pregnant.

Charlene was at 360 days gestation when she finally delivered her little female cria.

Can you see how much this little girl looks like her mother? She is cute as a button!

Blessings abound here at the ranch. We are praising God for His tender mercies, after the loss of the little male cria. What a blessing indeed...

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  1. She's GORGEOUS, Cyndi! Congratulations. Thanking God for his sweet mercies and abundant blessings!