Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another visit at the farm...

Iris Arias, a close neighbor of mine, invited the women from her church and knitting group, out to visit our ranch. The objective: to learn how yarn is "created". Ah...I love this kind of field trip. The trip began by showing everyone the animals. Everyone gets a kick out of feeding the alpacas and being surrounded by faces looking up at you exclaiming, "feed ME! Feed ME!".

We then went into the breezeway for a quick (very quick) lesson in picking, washing, carding, and spinning fiber. I think it was an eye opener for everyone to realize just how much work is involved in making yarn. So, the next time you pull out some yarn to use in your projects, remember what all is involved to get it to that point. :o)

As the group began to leave, a few remained to check out what was left of my vegetable garden. We cleared off most of the remaining peppers and some cherry tomatoes. Aurora Diaz left with a bounty of vegetables to enjoy. She loves her garden and is looking forward to getting some compost to add to her garden next spring.

We ended the visit with the kids getting to hold some of our chicks. What is it about kids and chickens? Every visit we seem to have out here, the children say the chickens were their favorite part of the trip. Go figure...

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