Sunday, September 26, 2010

A new home

Thanks to my dear, sweet friend, Peggy, I found out about a place called the CC Young Retirement Community. There had been a number of women living in this retirement community that loved to weave. However, as the years went on and the ladies began to pass, the looms became unused. In comes Hinke from the Dallas Weaving Guild. She had been mentoring these ladies on the looms for awhile. Hinka was to find new homes for the looms. I was blessed to have received one of these 4 harness looms. My daughter and I were so excited, we could hardly contain ourselves!

My dear husband drove me down to the retirement community and began figuring how exactly we were going to get this thing through the doors. We got it out and loaded into the back of our truck. Down Central Expressway we went with our loom in the back. I can just imagine what many people must have been thinking!

My daughter began immediately working on the loom to make a scarf. Harrison was quickly behind her to try his hand at this age old craft. They've already woven quite a bit and are still enjoying the thrill. I can't wait until I get a turn!


  1. Wow! Fantastic, Cyndi! Weaving is every bit as addictive as spinning, you know!

  2. Oh yes! We are quickly finding that out. Hailey and Harrison have been on it ALL DAY LONG! I'm quietly waiting my turn. They go to school tomorrow...tee hee!