Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby watch begins...

Well, it's official! We begin our baby watch today. Nisha and Dolly are both 30 days out from their delivery date, which means they can have their babies anywhere 30 days prior to or after their delivery dates (but we all know the best laid plans go astray, now don't we?). Nisha looks like she is ready to pop. The last couple of nights, she lifts her legs and sets them back down, one at a time, as if to tell us how uncomfortable she is right now. Dolly is just, well, Dolly. She's so funny. She lost her baby last year, a still birth. So, this will be her first year being a mommy. She cried last year so much when she lost her baby that I just know she'll be a great mom. She even tried to "steal" Nisha's baby last year! Too funny! Anyway, it's an overcast day with two days of rain in the the forecast. Please don't let the babies come the next two days!

And, just because I love them so much, here is a picture of the chickens peaking into the backyard, wanting so much to "get to the other side".

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  1. Praying for healthy babies and moms! And easy deliveries for the ranchers!