Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beautiful Shorn Alpacas

Well, I promised pictures of my shorn alpacas. Here they are! They look so much smaller, don't they? It got really cold last night, but everyone survived. The weather is incredibly beautiful today. The alpacas are pronking around in the pasture and rolling around in all of the hay the horses dropped on the ground (they are sooo wasteful!). I've been inside most of the day taking care of my sick daughter :o( but have been taking snippets of time to go outside and get some fresh air. It is so relaxing to watch these animals. I made myself a cup of hot cappuccino and wandered outback to the pasture while Hailey slept. Ahhhh... just what I needed. Sunshine makes all the difference in the world! I pray that each of you are spending some time outside enjoying all that God has given you, too. May you each be blessed immensely today and always!

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